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How Did Goku Lose to Frost

Frost was the first ever Universe 6 fighter to be introduced in the Dragon Ball series. He is a tall and slender white humanoid with black eyes. Frost has the ability to generate ice from his body and can fire blasts of cold air.

He also appears to be very fast, as he was able to keep up with Goku’s movements during their fight. Frost is shown to be a ruthless fighter, as he was willing to kill his own teammates in order to win the tournament.

Frost may have lost the first match against Goku, but he came back stronger than ever and won the rematch. How did this happen? Let’s take a look at Frost’s fighting style and see how he was able to turn the tables on Goku.

Frost is an expert in using ice powers to his advantage. He can create giant walls of ice to block attacks or unleash powerful blasts of cold air that can freeze his opponents solid. In their second fight, Frost used these abilities to great effect, trapping Goku in a wall of ice and then hitting him with a barrage of freezing attacks.

Goku is naturally resistant to cold temperatures due to his Saiyan heritage, but even he couldn’t withstand the onslaught from Frost. The key difference between their two fights was that Frost was more prepared and strategic in the second one. He knew exactly how to use his powers to counter Goku’s strengths and exploit his weaknesses.

As a result, Frost emerged victorious in their rematch and proved that he is a force to be reckoned with!

Why Did Goku Lose To Frost? Did He Throw The Fight?

How Did Goku Lose to Frost

In the anime, Frost is shown to be a very powerful fighter. He was able to easily defeat Goku in their first fight. However, there are a few things that could explain why Goku lost.

First, it’s possible that Frost was simply holding back during their first fight. He may have wanted to see what Goku was capable of before using his full power. Second, Frost may have been using some sort of energy-draining technique on Goku during their fight.

This would explain why Goku looked so weak and exhausted by the end of the fight. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that Frost is a very powerful fighter. It will take more than just brute strength to defeat him.

Goku will need to come up with a clever strategy if he wants to win their next encounter.

What was the Reason for Frost’S Victory

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How Does This Affect Goku’S Chances in the Tournament

The question of how this affects Goku’s chances in the tournament is a difficult one to answer. While it is true that he has been training hard and seems to be in top form, there is no telling how his body will react to the stresses of battle. Additionally, he has never fought in a tournament before, so he may not be familiar with the rules or the format.

However, if he can keep his head clear and focus on winning, then he stands a good chance of doing well in the tournament.

How Did Goku Lose to Frost



Frost, the main antagonist of the Universe 6 Saga in Dragon Ball Super, is a powerful fighter who Goku ultimately loses to. Here’s a look at how Frost was able to come out on top against the Saiyan Warrior. Frost is shown to be a very cunning and calculative fighter, as he takes advantage of every opportunity he gets to land a blow on his opponent.

He also has a wide array of skills and techniques at his disposal, which makes him a very dangerous adversary. One of the key factors in Frost’s victory over Goku was his ability to transform into a Golden Great Ape. This form increased his power greatly, and allowed him to take control of the fight.

Another factor was Frost’s use of dirty tactics, such as using energy blasts when Goku was down or attacking him while he was distracted. Ultimately, Frost proved to be too much for Goku and emerged victorious. This loss came as quite a shock to both fans and characters alike, as it showed that even someone as strong as Goku can fall victim to defeat if they’re not careful.

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