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How Long is a Night in Ark

The sun had long set and the sky was dark. The stars were out and the moon was high. It was a clear night, but cold.

I had been walking for hours, ever since sunset. I wasn’t sure how far I had gone or where I was. I only knew that I had been walking for a long time and that my feet were sore.

If you’ve ever wondered how long a night is in Ark, wonder no more! A new study has found that the average length of a night in Ark is 14 hours. That’s right, the averageArknight lasts 14 hours from start to finish.

So if you’re planning on staying up all night to get some extra loot or XP, you might want to think again! Of course, this doesn’t mean that every night in Ark is exactly 14 hours long. The length of a night can vary depending on the time of year and other factors.

But if you’re curious about how long your next Arknight will be, 14 hours is a good estimate.

How to skip night in ARK

How Long is a Night in Ark

A night in Ark is 24 hours long, just like any other place on Earth. The length of a day is determined by the time it takes for one full rotation of the planet on its axis.

How Long is a Night in Ark



A night in Ark can last anywhere from 12 hours to 28 hours, depending on the time of year and the location. The longest nights occur during the winter months, when the sun sets early and rises late. In the summer, the days are longer and the nights are shorter.

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