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How Many Pagers Payday 2

As of August 2013, there are 101 pagers in Payday 2. Each pager must be answered within 30 seconds or the alarm will sound, attracting law enforcement to the player’s location. Pagers can be silent for a period of time if the player is wearing the Silent Killer perk, which allows for up to four seconds to pass before the alarm goes off.

Payday 2: Community Tips: The Pager [OUTDATED]

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How Many Pagers Payday 2


How Many Pagers Does It Take to Complete a Heist

Assuming you are talking about the classic movie heist, it would take a minimum of four pagers to complete the heist. This is because in order to steal the diamonds, the team would need someone to case the joint, someone to be the inside man, someone to crack the safe, and finally someone to drive the getaway car. Of course, in reality it would probably take more people than that depending on the security of the location and other factors, but four pagers is the bare minimum.

How Do I Use a Pager

Pagers are becoming increasingly popular as a way to stay connected, especially for people who don’t want to be tied to their phones. If you’re new to pagers, or just curious about how they work, here’s a quick guide. To use a pager, you’ll first need to purchase one.

Once you have your pager, you’ll need to activate it by subscribing to a service provider. This will give you a phone number that others can use to reach you. Once your pager is activated, you can start using it right away.

To send a message, simply enter the phone number of the person you want to reach and then type out your message. The recipient will receive your message instantly. If someone sends you a page, you’ll see the sender’s phone number and the message they’ve sent displayed on your screen.

To reply, simply press the “reply” button and type out your response. The sender will receive your reply just as quickly as they sent their original message. Pagers are a great way to stay connected without being tethered to your phone all day long.

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What is the Cooldown on Using a Pager

A pager is a small, hand-held radio device that sends and receives short messages. Pagers are commonly used by medical professionals to receive notifications of emergencies. The cooldown for using a pager varies depending on the make and model of the pager, but is typically around 30 seconds.


In Payday 2, players can earn pagers by completing certain objectives. Pagers can be used to purchase items from the game’s store, or they can be traded in for cash. The game’s store offers a variety of items, including weapons and armor, that can be purchased with pagers.

Pagers can also be traded in for cash at a rate of one pager per $100.

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