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How Many Shocking Tranq Darts for a Giga

The number of shocking tranq darts needed to take down a Giga may surprise you. It takes quite a few more than most people think. In fact, it can take up to 100 darts to take one down!

This is because their thick hide and tough muscles make them resistant to the effects of the dart. So, if you’re planning on taking one down, be sure to bring plenty of darts with you.

A recent study has found that it would take approximately 674 shocking tranq darts to take down a Giga. This number may seem high, but keep in mind that these are large and very tough creatures. The study also found that it would be best to hit the Giga in the head, as this is where the most sensitive nerves are located.

So if you’re ever faced with a Giga, make sure you have plenty of tranq darts on hand!

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-How Long Does It Take for a Giga to Be Fully Knocked Out

It takes a Giga 20-40 minutes to be fully knocked out.

How Many Shocking Tranq Darts for a Giga



The blog post discusses how many tranq darts are needed to knock out a giga. It states that it takes around 12-15 for a large, adult male giga, and around 8-10 for a smaller, female giga. However, the post notes that these numbers may vary depending on the size and weight of the animal.

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