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How Many Swords Does Killer Bee Use

Killer Bee is a shinobi from Kumogakure and the jinchūriki of the Eight-Tails. He was raised by his uncle, having been orphaned at a young age, and he therefore holds great loyalty to both him and his village. Killer Bee is an outgoing person who loves music and often hums or sings to himself, even during battle.

After being appointed as Kumogakure’s Anbu Captain, he began sporting a manji tattoo on his left bicep in honour of his team-mates.

Sasuke vs Killer Bee | Naruto Shippuden

Killer Bee is a swordsman who uses two swords. So, how many swords does he use? He uses two!

How Many Swords Does Killer Bee Use


How Many Swords Does Killer Bee Use

There are a few different types of swords that Killer Bee uses. He has a small sword, which is his main weapon, and he also has two larger swords. The smaller sword is about the size of a kitchen knife, while the larger ones are about the size of a katana.

He usually only uses one large sword at a time, but can use both if necessary.

What is the Difference between the Swords Killer Bee Uses

There are a few key differences between the swords Killer Bee uses. The first is that one is made of regular steel, while the other is made of adamantine. Adamantine is a much stronger and sharper metal, making it ideal for cutting through things like armor.

It’s also significantly more expensive, which is why not all samurai can afford to have an adamantine sword. The second difference is in the blade length. One of Killer Bee’s swords is a standard katana length, while the other is about half that size.

This shorter sword is known as a wakizashi, and it was traditionally used as a backup weapon or for close-quarters fighting. Finally, the last significant difference between the two swords is their weight. Katanas are designed to be balanced so they’re easy to swing, even with one hand if necessary.

Wakizashis on the other hand are heavier and less balanced, making them better suited for thrusting attacks than slicing ones.

How Does Killer Bee Use His Swords in Combat

Killer Bee uses his swords in combat by channeling his chakra into the blades, which allows him to cut through almost anything. He is also able to use the swords to deflect attacks and as a last resort, he can use them to stab his opponents.

What are Some of the Techniques That Killer Bee Uses With His Swords

Killer Bee is a skilled swordsman, able to use his blades for both offensive and defensive purposes. He often uses them in conjunction with his chakra-infused punches and kicks, making for a very powerful and deadly combination. One of Killer Bee’s most common techniques is using one of his swords to deflect an opponent’s attack while he strikes with the other.

This can be extremely effective against multiple opponents, as it allows him to keep them at bay while he goes on the offensive. Additionally, he frequently uses his swords to block incoming attacks, using their durable metal construction to protect himself from harm. Another common technique that Killer Bee employs is using the weights attached to the hilts of his swords to increase the power of his swings.

By adding extra momentum to his blades, he can deliver devastating blows that can easily cut through flesh and bone. Additionally, the added weight also makes it more difficult for opponents to block or parry his attacks. Finally, Killer Bee is also a master of acrobatic swordplay, often incorporating flips and spins into his fighting style.

This not only looks impressive, but also serves to disorient and confuse opponents, making it easier for him to land a telling blow. All in all, Killer Bee is a truly fearsome opponent when armed with his trusty swords.


In the anime and manga series Naruto, Killer Bee is shown to use eight swords in total. He typically carries four on his back, two on his hips, and two more in his hands. In some instances, he has also been seen using all eight at once.

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