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How Much Can Naruto Lift

At his peak, Naruto Uzumaki could lift approximately 800 metric tons with little to no effort. This is due to the fact that Naruto has immense chakra reserves, which he can use to enhance his physical strength. In addition, Naruto has access to a variety of powerful jutsu that can increase his lifting capacity even further.

For example, the Chakra Enhanced Strength technique allows Naruto to temporarily double his strength by infusing his limbs with chakra. By using this technique, Naruto was able to lift a giant boulder that weighed over 1,000 metric tons.

Can Naruto Destroy a Planet?

Ever wondered how much Naruto could lift? According to the latest estimates, he can hoist around 800kg-1 ton! That’s some serious strength!

Now, of course this is all speculation. We don’t have any hard evidence to back up these claims. But it’s not too far-fetched to believe that Naruto is incredibly strong.

After all, he does have the Nine-Tails chakra inside him, which gives him an extra boost of power. So next time you’re watching Naruto and thinking “There’s no way he could lift that!” just remember – we really don’t know his limits. He could very well be one of the strongest characters in the series.

How Much Can Naruto Lift


What is the Maximum Weight That Naruto Can Lift

There is no definitive answer to this question as Naruto’s strength is not clearly defined in the canon. However, based on various feats of strength performed by Naruto throughout the series, it is safe to say that he is incredibly strong and could potentially lift weights in excess of 1,000 kg. For example, in one instance he was able to easily hold up a large boulder that was several times his own body weight.

Additionally, during the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto was able to single-handedly stop an attack from the Ten-Tails that had been enhanced with all five nature chakra types. This feat of strength suggests that Naruto’s maximum lifting capacity is well above 1,000 kg.


In the blog post, the author tries to answer the question of how much weight Naruto can lift based on his feats in the anime. The author argues that Naruto is incredibly strong and has been shown to be able to lift heavy weights in the show. However, the author also states that it is difficult to accurately estimate Naruto’s strength because he often relies on his chakra to increase his lifting ability.

Based on what has been seen in the anime, the author concludes that Naruto could probably lift around 1-2 tons.

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