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How Often Does Minecraft Autosave

Minecraft is a game that is all about exploration and creativity, so it’s important that players have the ability to save their progress. The game autosaves automatically, but there are some things that players need to know in order to make sure their progress is being saved correctly. Here’s a look at how often Minecraft autosaves and what players need to do to ensure their game is being saved properly.

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Most players know that Minecraft autosaves your game every time you leave a world or close the game. However, did you know that Minecraft also automatically saves your game while you’re playing? It’s true!

Every time you make a change in your world, whether it’s building something new or destroying something, Minecraft saves those changes. That way, if you ever need to go back and undo something, you can always load an older save and see what your world looked like before. So how often does Minecraft autosave?

Well, it actually varies depending on what version of the game you’re playing. For example, in the Bedrock Edition (which is the version of Minecraft that runs on consoles and mobile devices), your world is saved automatically every 5 minutes. On the other hand, in the Java Edition (which is the PC version of Minecraft), your world is only saved when you exit out of the game or close it down.

However, there are some ways to change how often Minecraft autosaves in both versions of the game. If you want to make sure that your world is being saved more frequently, there are a few things you can do. In Bedrock Edition, you can go into your settings and adjust the “Auto-save interval” setting.

This will let you choose how oftenMinecraft saves your world automatically – anywhere from 2 minutes to 30 minutes. In Java Edition, there are two ways to change how oftenMinecraft autosaves. The first way is by opening up the “world options” menu for any given world (you can do this by pressing ESC while in-game).

From here, scroll down until you see an option called “Autosave interval”. You can use this setting to choose how oftenMinecraft should save changes made in-game – anywhere from 2 seconds to 5 minutes. The second way to change how oftenMinecraft autosaves in Java Edition is by editing the “options” file for your game directly.

This file can be found in .minecraft/options and opened with any text editor (like Notepad++). Once open, look for a line that says “# Auto-save interval”, which should be near the top of the file. After this line, simply type in a number between 2 and 600 , which represents how many seconds should pass between each auto-save (2 seconds = very frequent auto-saves; 600 seconds = very slow auto-saves). Once you’ve made your changes and saved them properly,.

How Often Does Minecraft Autosave


Q: How Often Does Minecraft Autosave

In Minecraft, there is an auto-save feature that will save your game automatically every five minutes. This feature can be turned off if you wish, but it is generally recommended to keep it on in case of unexpected crashes or power outages.


Minecraft autosaves every five minutes by default, but this can be changed by the player in the game’s settings.

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