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How Strong is Mr Popo

In the popular anime Dragon Ball Z, Mr. Popo is a powerful being who serves as the attendant to the guardian of Earth, Kami. While his true origins are unknown, it is said that he is over 10,000 years old and very strong. He has demonstrated numerous times that he is far stronger than any human, and even some of the strongest aliens in the series.

However, just how strong is Mr. Popo? There are a few instances where Mr. Popo’s strength is put on display. One such instance is when he trains Goku and Krillin in martial arts.

He easily defeats both of them in sparring matches and proves to be much faster and stronger than they are. Another instance occurs during the battle against Majin Buu, when he stands up to Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks and manages to hold his own for a short while before being overwhelmed. Even after taking several powerful attacks from Gotenks, he was still able to walk away relatively unharmed.

So just how strong is Mr. Popo? Based on what we’ve seen in the series, it’s safe to say that he’s incredibly powerful. However, his true level of power remains a mystery since we haven’t seen him fight anyone at his full potential.

Nevertheless, he remains one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball Z and someone not to be underestimated!

How Strong Is Mr Popo? | Dragon Ball Code

Mr Popo is one of the strongest character in the anime series Dragon Ball Z. He has been shown to be able to take on some of the main characters such as Goku and Vegeta with relative ease. While it is difficult to say how strong he exactly is, it is safe to say that he is definitely one of the more powerful beings in the universe.

How Strong is Mr Popo


Is Mr Popo Stronger Than Goku

The Mr. Popo character from the Dragon Ball series is often thought to be very powerful, but is he really stronger than Goku? Let’s take a look at what we know about these two characters to try and answer this question. First, let’s compare their base form power levels.

In the original Dragon Ball series, Frieza was said to have a power level of one million when he was in his final form. When Goku fought him, his power level was only around 8,000. However, by the time of Dragon Ball Z, Goku’s base form power level had increased dramatically and was stated to be over 990,000 in the Daizenshuu guidebooks.

Meanwhile, Mr. Popo’s power level is never actually given in the series (that I’m aware of), but based on his feats it seems fair to say that his base form power level is at least several hundred thousand if not over a million as well. So based on this comparison alone, it would appear that Mr. Popo has a significant advantage over Goku in terms of raw power. However, there are other factors to consider besides just base form power levels.

One is fighting experience and skill. While Mr. Popo has been alive for hundreds if not thousands of years and presumably has had plenty of time to hone his skills as a fighter, Goku is no slouch either in this department thanks to his training with masters like Master Roshi and Korin over the years (not to mention all the battles he’s been in). Another factor is ki control/manipulation abilities – both Mr. Popo and Goku have shown themselves capable of using their ki for various purposes beyond just simple physical attacks (such as flight, energy blasts/beams, etc.), so this may even things out somewhat between them in terms of combat ability even if Mr.

. Popo does have greater raw strength/power overall. So who would win in a fight between these two characters?

It’s hard to say for sure without seeing them actually battle each other directly (which unfortunately hasn’t happened yet within the canon of the series), but based on everything we know about them I’d say it would be pretty close – perhaps even a 50/50 split depending on how things played out during the course of the fight itself (and whether or not they were holding back at all).


In the blog post “How Strong is Mr. Popo,” the author argues that Mr. Popo, a character from the Dragon Ball Z anime, is not as strong as he appears to be. The author points out that Mr. Popo has only ever been shown to fight weak opponents, and when he does fight stronger opponents, he always loses. The author concludes that Mr. Popo is not a very strong character, and that his strength is greatly exaggerated in the anime.

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