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How Strong is Supreme Kai

The Supreme Kai are the strongest and most powerful of the gods in the Dragon Ball universe. They are responsible for the protection of the Universe and all its inhabitants. The first Supreme Kai, known as the North Kaiōshin, was created by the Elder Kaiōshin using the Potara earrings.

He later passed on his position to his pupil, South Kaiōshin. The current Supreme Kai is Shin, who took over after East Kaiōshin’s death. The Supreme Kais are incredibly powerful beings with a great deal of strength and ability.

While their full extent is unknown, they have shown to be capable of easily overwhelming regular gods such as Beerus and Champa with little effort during their fight against each other. In fact, even when working together they were still no match for Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue form.

The Secret Power of the Supreme Kai

The Supreme Kai is the strongest of all the Kai in the universe. He is so strong that he was able to defeat the evil Majin Buu with ease. He is also incredibly wise and has a great understanding of the universe and all its secrets.

How Strong is Supreme Kai


How Strong is the Average Supreme Kai

The average Supreme Kai is quite strong, though there are variations in power between different individuals. The most powerful known Supreme Kai was the one who oversaw the destruction of Planet Namek, which required the use of a Supernova. However, other Supreme Kai have been shown to be much weaker, such as those who were easily defeated by Majin Buu.

It is difficult to determine an exact level of strength for the average Supreme Kai due to these discrepancies, but they are generally considered to be quite powerful.

How Much Stronger are the Strongest Supreme Kai

The strongest Supreme Kai are said to be around 10 times stronger than the average God of Destruction. However, their true strength is unknown as they have never had to fight at full power. It is also worth noting that the Grand Priest is considered to be the strongest being in the multiverse and he is only marginally weaker than the strongest Supreme Kai.

Who was the Strongest Ever Supreme Kai

There are a few contenders for the title of strongest ever Supreme Kai. The first is Grand Supreme Kai, also known as Dai Kaio. He was the guardian of Universe 7 and was incredibly powerful.

He was able to defeat Majin Buu on his own and seal him away. He also helped Goku during the fight with Frieza and gave him the Spirit Bomb technique. Another contender is East Supreme Kai, also known as Shin Kaio.

He was the guardian of Universe 9 and was very strong in his own right. He was able to take on Super Saiyan 3 Goku and hold his own for a while before being defeated. The last contender is West Supreme Kai, also known as Kibito Kai.

He was the guardian of Universe 10 and was incredibly powerful. He was able to help defeat Majin Buu and even fuse with Kibito to become one of the strongest beings in all of existence. So who is the strongest ever Supreme Kai?

It’s hard to say definitively as they all were incredibly powerful in their own ways. However, if we had to choose one, it would probably be Grand Supreme Kai thanks to his impressive feats and accomplishments.


In the blog post “How Strong is Supreme Kai”, the author discusses the various levels of power of the character Supreme Kai from the Dragon Ball franchise. The author goes on to say that while there is no clear answer as to how strong Kai actually is, he/she believes that Kai is likely one of the strongest characters in the series. The author cites several instances where Kai has demonstrated great power, such as when he was able to defeat Goku in a fight and when he fought against Majin Buu.

Overall, the author concludes that while we may not know exactly how powerful Supreme Kai is, it is clear that he is a very strong character.

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