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How Tall is Ciel

Ciel is a 14-year-old boy who stands at 4’11. Though he may be short for his age, Ciel is still taller than the average 10-year-old. His height doesn’t seem to bother him, though it does sometimes make things difficult.

For example, Ciel can’t reach the top shelf in his room without using a stool. He also can’t ride some of the bigger roller coasters at the amusement park. Despite these minor inconveniences, Ciel seems to be a happy and well-adjusted kid.

Ciel is a young boy with a very mysterious past. Not much is known about him, except that he is the head of the Phantomhive household and has been since he was very young. He is also said to be very tall for his age, which seems to be around eleven or twelve.

This makes sense, considering his regal bearing and the fact that he often has to look down at people when he speaks to them. While Ciel’s exact height is not known, it is safe to say that he towers over most other characters in the series. This can be seen quite clearly in scenes where he is standing next to Sebastian, who himself is no slouch in the height department.

In one scene, Ciel even has to stoop down a bit so that Sebastian can properly hear him. So we can safely say that Ciel Phantomhive is quite tall for his age!

Ciel Phantomhive Googles Himself [Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji]

Ciel is 5’2”

Ciel is a character from the anime/manga series Black Butler. In the series, Ciel is a 13 year old boy who is the Earl of Phantomhive and works as an underground agent for the Queen of England. He is short for his age, standing at only 5’2″, but he is still a powerful character.

What is Ciel’S Birthday

Ciel Phantomhive is a fictional character in the Kuroshitsuji manga series. He is the head of the Phantomhive household and an aristocrat by birth. Ciel’s birthday is on February 27th.

How Tall is Ciel



Ciel is a short-haired black cat who loves to curl up in her owner’s lap. She is very affectionate and loves to be petted. Ciel is also very curious and playful.

She will often follow her owner around the house, meowing when she wants attention. Ciel is a small cat, but she is very muscular and has long legs. Her fur is soft and shiny, and she has a long tail that she loves to wrap around her body when she sleeps.

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