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How Tall is Sans

Sans is a very tall skeleton. He towers over most everyone else in the underground. His height is so impressive that it’s become somewhat of a running gag throughout the fandom.

Some people believe that his height is a result of him being part of royalty, while others think it might be due to his role as the sentry. Regardless of the reason, Sans is one of the tallest characters inUndertale and he doesn’t seem to mind at all.

Sans Exposed!

Sans is a skeleton from the popular video game Undertale. He’s known for his lazy attitude and love of puns. Sans is also very tall!

Some fans have speculated that Sans might be around 8 feet tall, although there’s no official confirmation of this. Regardless, it’s clear that Sans is one of the tallest characters in Undertale – and that’s pretty cool!

How Tall is Sans


How Tall is Sans

Assuming you are talking about the character from Undertale, Sans is 6’0″ (182.88 cm) according to the creator Toby Fox.

What is the Height Difference between Sans And Papyrus

The height difference between Sans and Papyrus is about 9 feet. Papyrus is significantly taller than Sans, who only reaches up to his waist.

Who is Taller, Sans Or Papyrus

Sans is the shorter of the two brothers. He is about four and a half feet tall, while Papyrus is around six feet tall.


Sans is a popular character from the Undertale video game franchise. While his exact height is unknown, Sans is believed to be around 6 feet tall based on fan speculation and comparisons to other characters in the game. However, due to his skeletal appearance, it is possible that Sans may be taller than he appears.

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