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How to Beat Muffet in Undertale

Muffet is a spider monster who lives in the ruins outside of Mount Ebott. She is first encountered when the player tries to leave the ruins, and she will demand payment in the form of five spiders before she will let them pass. If the player does not have enough spiders, they can try to fight her, but she is a very difficult opponent.

In order to beat Muffet, the player must first understand her attack patterns.

Undertale how to defeat muffet

  • Enter the room and approach Muffet
  • Dodge her attacks and counter with your own
  • Be sure to keep moving and stay on your toes
  • Once you have dealt enough damage, Muffet will retreat into her webbing
  • Follow her and continue attacking until she is defeated
How to Beat Muffet in Undertale


How Do I Beat Muffet in Undertale

In order to beat Muffet in Undertale, you must first understand her attack pattern. She will start by shooting a web at you which will slow you down. She will then shoot 3 spiders at you.

These spiders will explode on contact and deal damage. Finally, she will summon a group of small spiders that will try to swarm you. You must avoid all of her attacks and then counter with your own when she is vulnerable.

The key to beating Muffet is to stay calm and focus on avoiding her attacks. Do not let the spider swarm overwhelm you and keep attacking when she is open. With practice, you should be able to take her down without too much trouble!


In the popular video game Undertale, players are tasked with defeating the spider monster Muffet. While this may seem daunting at first, there are a few simple tips that can help you take her down quickly and easily. First, be sure to equip yourself with plenty of healing items before entering battle.

Second, make use of Muffet’s own attacks against her by reflecting them back at her with your own attacks. Finally, focus on attacking her weak points – her head and legs – and she will go down in no time!

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