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How to Change Fov in Gmod

To change your field of view (FOV) in Gmod, first open the console by pressing the tilde key (~). Next, type “fov_desired 90” into the console and press enter. This will set your FOV to 90 degrees.

You can use any value between 0 and 180 for fov_desired, but 90 is a good starting point. If you want to increase or decrease your FOV incrementally, you can use the commands “fov_step 5” and “fov_step -5”. These will respectively increase or decrease your FOV by 5 degrees each time they are entered into the console.

  • In the main menu, go to “Options” and then “Settings”
  • In the “Settings” menu, go to “Video”
  • In the “Video” settings, scroll down to the “Field of View” setting and change it to your desired value
  • Press “Esc” to close the menu and save your changes

how to change your fov in gmod(doesnt work in some multi. player servers)

Q: How Do I Change the Fov in Gmod

In Garry’s Mod, or Gmod for short, you can change the field of view, or FOV, by opening the console and typing in the command “fov_desired X”, where X is the desired field of view. The maximum FOV is 170, and the minimum is 30. The default is 90.

How to Change Fov in Gmod



If you’re playing Garry’s Mod and want to change your field of view, or FOV, there are a few ways to do it. You can use the console command “fov_desired x” where x is the FOV you want, or you can use a mod like Advanced Settings which lets you change your FOV in-game without having to go into the console.

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