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How to Do a Jump Attack in Dark Souls

In order to do a jump attack in Dark Souls, you need to be positioned correctly. You need to be close enough to the enemy so that when you land, your attack will reach them. You also can’t be too far away or else your character will just end up doing a standing jump.

The timing is important as well—you need to hit the button for the attack just as your character starts their ascent into the air. If done correctly, you’ll perform a powerful leap and come crashing down on top of your foe with sword or hammer swinging.

  • Assuming you are talking about the game Dark Souls: 1
  • Run at your enemy while holding down the attack button
  • As you get close to them, press the jump button and your character will jump into the air and come down swinging their weapon
  • If timed correctly, this will do extra damage to your foe

How to kick or jump attack in Dark Souls

What is a Jump Attack

In many video games, the player can perform a jump attack by pressing an attack button while in mid-air. This action usually results in the character dealing more damage than if they had attacked from the ground. In some cases, jump attacks can also be used to reach higher areas or to avoid enemy attacks.

How Do I Perform a Jump Attack in Dark Souls

In Dark Souls, there are two types of jump attacks – the plunging attack and the drop attack. To perform a plunging attack, approach the edge of a platform or cliff and press the X/square button to leap off. You will then automatically plunge your weapon downwards, dealing heavy damage to any enemy caught below.

This can be a very effective way to take down tough foes, but be careful not to overshoot your target or you’ll miss entirely. To perform a drop attack, simply jump down from ledges or cliffs onto unsuspecting enemies below. This is often used as a surprise tactic to catch opponents off-guard, but can also backfire if they see you coming and manage to dodge out of the way in time.

Both jump attacks deal significant damage and can be deadly if used correctly. Experiment with both methods to see which suits your playstyle best and start taking down those pesky enemies with some extra oomph!

How to Do a Jump Attack in Dark Souls



In Dark Souls, there are a variety of different ways you can approach an enemy. One method is known as the jump attack. This move allows you to cover a lot of ground quickly and can be used to surprise your opponent.

To do a jump attack, simply run towards your target and press the jump button just before you reach them. You will then perform a leaping strike that can deal significant damage. Be careful though, as this move leaves you vulnerable to counterattacks.

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