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How to Fast Travel in Tomb Raider

There are a few ways to fast travel in Tomb Raider. The first is by using the map. When you open the map, you will see a number of icons.

These represent different locations that you can fast travel to. To fast travel to one of these locations, simply click on the icon and then choose the “Fast Travel” option. You can also fast travel by using base camps.

Base camps are located throughout the game world and allow you to teleport between them. To use a base camp, simply walk up to it and press the “Use” button.

Tomb raider: how to fast travel – (Tomb raider fast travel)

  • Navigate to the world map and zoom in on your current location
  • Click on the Fast Travel option
  • Choose your destination from the list of available locations
  • Press the travel button to confirm your choice and begin travel
How to Fast Travel in Tomb Raider


How Do I Fast Travel in Tomb Raider

In the 2013 version of Tomb Raider, there are two ways to fast travel. The first is by using a base camp. To do this, simply approach a base camp and press the “use” button.

This will bring up a map of the area, and from here you can select any other base camp that you have discovered to instantly travel there. The second way to fast travel is by using a specific item called a “Fast Travel Map.” These can be found in certain locations throughout the game world, and once you’ve found one you can use it to instantly travel to any other location that has been revealed on your map.

To use a Fast Travel Map, simply approach it and press the “use” button.

From Here, Select the Location You Wish to Travel to And Press the “Fast Travel” Option

Assuming you are talking about in game fast travel: In most video games with an open world, there is some form of Fast Travel system to help the player get around the map faster. In some games, this is a quicker way to get from Point A to Point B without having to go through all the intervening territory.

In others, it may be the only way to travel between certain locations. It usually comes at a cost like using up in game currency or taking away experience points. There are two main types of Fast Travel – Discrete and Continuous.

Discrete systems take the player directly from one location on the map to another specific location with no stops in between while continuous systems move the player along a set route stopping at specific locations along the way that can be chosen by the player. There are also Hybrid systems which use both methods depending on what’s more appropriate for getting the player where they want to go. Most games will have some sort of indicator letting you know if a particular area can be reached via Fast Travel or not.

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link can use Beacons lit by fire arrows as well as Sheikah Towers that have been activated once he’s climbed them to create new Fast Travel points he can warp to at any time provided he’s not too far away from them. For long distance travel, certain horses can be registered at Stables which act as their own personal Fast Travel network allowing Link to instantly warp to them regardless of where they are on Hyrule’s massive map provided he’s unlocked that particular stable beforehand. Not all games handle Fast Travel in quite such an elegant way however with many just having simple teleport options available at save points or specific NPCs who will offer to transport you elsewhere for a price making it feel more like an actual service being performed rather than just warping around the game world itself.

Please Note That You Must Have Discovered a Location before You Can Fast Travel There

In Fallout 4, when you discover a new location, you have the option to fast travel there. This can be done by opening up your Pip-Boy map and selecting the location from the “Fast Travel” list. Please note that you must have discovered a location before you can fast travel there.

There are some locations that cannot be reached via Fast Travel, such as quest-specific locations or areas that are too dangerous to approach directly. In these cases, you’ll need to find another way to get to your destination. Fast Travel is a great way to save time when exploring the Commonwealth, so make sure to take advantage of it whenever possible!


In the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot, Lara Croft can fast travel to any campsite she has discovered. This can be done by opening the in-game map and selecting the option to “fast travel.” Doing so will take Lara directly to that campsite, allowing her to avoid having to backtrack through areas she has already explored.

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