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How to Find the Skeleton Merchant

To find the Skeleton Merchant in “Dark Souls 3,” you will need to go to the Undead Settlement. From there, take the shortcut down to where you see a well. The merchant is located beneath the well, and you will need a key to unlock the door.

This key can be found in a nearby building, on a corpse. Once you have the key, head back to the well and open the door to find the merchant.

  • Enter the Undead Settlement
  • From the bonfire near the Cliff Underside path, take the lift up and follow the wall until you see a building with a hole in its roof
  • Drop down into this building, kill the enemy inside, then drop down again into the room below
  • Kill the skeleton enemy here to find the Skeleton Merchant
  • The merchant will be standing near a pile of bones in the corner of the room
  • Speak to him to buy items or sell your own goods

Terraria how to get Skeleton Merchant (2022) | Terraria how to find Skeleton Merchant (2022)

What is the Skeleton Merchant

In the world of Terraria, the Skeleton Merchant is a unique NPC that only appears during Hardmode. This merchant sells various skeleton-themed items, including bones and skulls, in exchange for coins. He will also occasionally sell rarer items such as the Bone Key and Skeleton Statue.

The Skeleton Merchant is a valuable source of income for players who are looking to make some quick money during Hardmode. However, he can be a difficult NPC to find due to his random spawning location. When searching for the Skeleton Merchant, it’s important to keep an eye out for his distinctive shop sign which reads “Bones 4 Sale”.

Once you’ve found the Skeleton Merchant, be sure to stock up on his wares as they can be extremely useful when battling the hardmode bosses. The bone key sold by this merchant is essential for opening up locked chests which often contain powerful weapons and armor. And those extra skulls can come in handy for building traps or filling in gaps in your defensive walls.

He Can Be Found in the Undead Settlement, near the Bonfire in the Sewers

If you’re looking for the Skeleton Merchant in Dark Souls 3, you’ll find him in the Undead Settlement. He’s located near the bonfire in the sewers, and he sells a variety of items including bones and souls. He’s a helpful merchant if you’re trying to stock up on supplies, and he can also be killed for his wares if you’re feeling particularly ruthless.

He Sells a Variety of Items, Including Spells, Miracles, And Pyromancies

He is a merchant in Dark Souls. He sells a variety of items, including spells, miracles, and pyromancies. His wares are expensive, but they are of high quality and can be very useful to the player.

How Do I Find the Skeleton Merchant

To find the Skeleton Merchant, go to the Forest Biome and look for a large skeleton with a shop. The merchant will have different items for sale each day, so be sure to check back often! You can also find the merchant in other biomes, but he is most commonly found in the forest.

How to Find the Skeleton Merchant



If you’re looking for the Skeleton Merchant in Dark Souls 3, you’ll need to head to the Catacombs of Carthus. Once there, make your way through the winding catacombs until you reach a large open room with a bunch of skeletons milling about. Head towards the far end of this room and you’ll find the Skeleton Merchant sitting atop a pile of bones.

He’ll have some useful items for sale, so be sure to check him out before continuing on with your journey.

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