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How to Fingerflip Skate 3

Fingerflips are a staple of skateboarding. They look impressive and can be used to transition between tricks. Skate 3 is a great game for those who want to learn how to fingerflip, as it provides a realistic experience that can help you nail the trick in real life.

Here’s how to do it: First, approach the lip of the ramp with your back foot slightly hanging off. You’ll want to ollie (jump) just before you reach the lip – this will give you enough air to complete the flip.

As you leave the ground, tuck your knees into your chest and grab the board with your front hand near the nose. Keep your back hand close to the tail and use it for balance.

  • You will need a skateboard and a half-pipe
  • Get on your skateboard and approach the lip of the half-pipe
  • Ollie up onto the lip of the half-pipe
  • As you are coming down off of the lip, pop your board up into the air with your back foot while simultaneously flipping your front foot over the top of the deck
  • 5 Catch your board with your front foot and land in a riding stance going down into the bowl of the half-pipe

How to finger flip (skate 3)

How Do I Perform a Fingerflip in Skate 3

Assuming you mean a finger flip on a skateboard: Start by rolling up to the lip of the ramp with your front foot hanging off the edge of the board. Put your back foot in the center of the board and lean forward so that your weight is over the nose of the board.

Extend your front leg and dig your toe into the ground to get some pop. As you jump, tuck your knees into your chest and quickly flick your wrists so that the board flips end-over-end. The timing is important here—you want to make sure that you flick just as you leave the ground.

As the board starts flipping, let go with your back hand and grab it again with your front hand in mid-air. Land cleanly on top of the board with both feet centered, absorbing the impact with bent knees.

Ollie Over the Lip While Flicking the Right Analog Stick Upward

An ollie is a skateboarding trick where the skater pops the board into the air without using their hands. The skater then uses their feet to manipulate the board in midair, usually performing some sort of flip or rotation. To perform an ollie over the lip, the skater starts by riding up to the lip of a ramp or other obstacle.

They then place their front foot on top of the lip, and lean back so that their weight is balanced on their back foot. The skater then quickly flicks their right analog stick upward, causing the board to pop into the air. Once in the air, the skater can use their feet to rotate and flip the board however they want.

After landing back on the ground, they ride away as usual. Ollies are one of the basic tricks that every skateboarder should learn, and once you get good at them you can start adding variations and performing them in different situations. So go out and practice your ollies until you can do them over any obstacle!

As You Leave the Ground, Quickly Move the Right Analog Stick Downward

When you are in the air and want to do a quick descent, move the right analog stick on your controller quickly downwards. This will make your character fall faster, allowing you to reach the ground more quickly. Be careful not to do this too close to the ground though, as you may end up taking fall damage!

If Done Correctly, Your Skater Will Spin 360 Degrees before Landing Back on Their Board

If you’re a skateboarding enthusiast, then you’ve probably tried a few tricks here and there. One of the most popular tricks is the 360 spin. It looks impressive when done correctly and can be a lot of fun to execute.

But how do you actually do it? In this blog post, we’ll break down the steps needed to land a perfect 360 spin on your skateboard. First things first, you need to approach the ramp or ledge that you’ll be spinning off of at an angle.

This will help give you more momentum as you head into the trick. As you reach the ramp or ledge, place your back foot on top of the tail and your front foot near the middle of the board. You want to make sure that your feet are positioned correctly before taking off, otherwise you won’t be able to rotate properly in mid-air.

Now comes the tricky part – jumping! You need to jump high enough so that your board can make a complete rotation before landing back on the ramp or ledge. Timing is key here – if you jump too early or too late, you won’t get enough height or rotation respectively.

So make sure to jump at just the right time! Once you’re in mid-air, start rotating your body while keeping your legs close together. As you start coming down from the jump, extend your legs outwards so that they’re perpendicular to your body (think Supermans position).

This will help increase your rotation speed and ensure that you land perfectly back on the ramp/ledge. And that’s it! With practice, nailing this trick will become second nature and impressing all your friends will be a breeze!

How to Fingerflip Skate 3



In Skate 3, the fingerflip is a move that can be used to perform tricks. To do a fingerflip, the player must first approach the edge of a ramp or other surface. Once at the edge, the player must press down on the left analog stick and then quickly flick it up.

This will cause the skater to flip off of the ramp or surface. Once in mid-air, the player can perform various tricks by pressing different buttons on the controller. For example, pressing X will cause the skater to grab his board with one hand, while pressing A will make him spin around.

The possibilities are endless! With some practice, any skateboarding enthusiast can learn how to perform amazing fingerflips in Skate 3.

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