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How to Get 7 Accessory Slots in Terraria

There are a few ways to get 7 accessory slots in Terraria. The first is to simply buy them from the Traveling Merchant for 2 gold coins each. The second is to find and defeat the Wall of Flesh, which will drop a “Guide Voodoo Doll” that can be used to craft the “Papyrus Scarab” item.

Once you have crafted the Papyrus Scarab, you can use it at an Anvil to combine it with any other accessories you have equipped, giving you a total of 7 accessory slots.

  • Go to a world with Hardmode activated
  • Kill any mechanical boss
  • This will drop a item called the “Mechanical Eye”
  • Use the mechanical eye at night while standing in front of a Mirror
  • This will give you the message “Your reflection seems off somehow
  • Using an hammer, destroy the mirror
  • Doing so will cause a number of things to happen: spawning enemies, giving the player buffs and debuffs, and causing 7 new accessory slots to appear in the player’s inventory screen under the “Accessories” section


-How Do I Get 7 Accessory Slots in Terraria

There are a few ways to get 7 accessory slots in Terraria. One way is to use the Accessory Slot Upgrade item, which can be found in chests or purchased from the Clothier NPC. Another way is to wear the Amulet of Avalar, which provides an extra slot.

Finally, you can use the Extra Accessory Slots buff from the Calamity Mod, which adds 3 extra slots.

How to Get 7 Accessory Slots in Terraria



Terraria is a great game for those who like to collect accessories, but it can be frustrating when you can only equip six of them at a time. Thankfully, there is a way to get around this limit and have seven accessory slots in Terraria. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Find a world with the Corruption or Crimson biomes. 2. Kill any enemies that spawn in these biomes until you find a “Creeper” enemy. 3. Defeat the Creeper and it will drop an item called the “Ectoplasmator.”

4. Equip the Ectoplasmator as your seventh accessory slot and enjoy your new found inventory space!

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