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How to Get a 64X64 Lot in Sims 4

One of the many things that makes Sims 4 great is the ability to choose from a variety of lot sizes when you’re starting a new game. While the standard lot size in Sims 4 is 30×30, there are also larger 50×50 and 64×64 lots available. If you’re looking to build a large home or want more space for your sims to roam, then a 64×64 lot may be right for you.

  • To get a 64×64 lot in Sims 4, the first thing you need to do is go to your game options and ensure that the “Allow Custom Content” and “Enable Script Mods” options are both checked off
  • Next, exit out of your game and head over to The Sims Resource website
  • On The Sims Resource website, search for the “64×64 Empty Lot” mod and download it
  • Once you have downloaded the mod, open up your Downloads folder and locate the file labeled “Sims4_64x64_EmptyLot”
  • Right-click on this file and select “Copy”
  • Now open up your Sims 4 game folder (you can find this by going to Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4)
  • Once inside your Sims 4 game folder, create a new folder called “Mods”
  • Open up this Mods folder and paste the “Sims4_64x64_EmptyLot” file that you copied earlier into thisModsfolder
  • Exit out of this window and launch your Sims 4 game
  • When prompted with a message asking you whether or not you want to enable custom content and mods from third-party websites, click on the “Enable” button
  • After launching into your game, open up the cheat console by pressing CTRL + Shift + C simultaneously on your keyboard
  • In the cheat console window that appears at the top of your screen, type in: moveObjects on 7
  • Press Enter/Return key on your keyboard after typing in this command so that it activates within your game world
  • 8
  • With moveObjects now activated as a true cheat within your world, simply press Command/Ctrl + Shift + left-click while hovering over any object in build/buy mode to delete it without any fuss!9
  • Finally, once you have an empty 64×64 lot cleared out for use within build mode , feel free to add whatever objects or build whatever structures you desire!

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How Do I Get a 64X64 Lot in Sims 4

There are a few ways to get a 64×64 lot in Sims 4. One way is to create a new world with the 64×64 lot size option enabled. Another way is to use the cheat code “map_edit [on/off]” while in build mode.

This will allow you to edit the size of any existing lot.

What are the Requirements for a 64X64 Lot in Sims 4

Sims 4 introduced the 64×64 lot size with the release of the Get to Work expansion pack. This size is twice as large as a standard 32×32 lot, and can accommodate up to 8 households. To place a 64×64 lot in your town, you must first have at least 8 empty plots available.

Once you have enough plots available, you can select “Build > Place Large Lot” from the menu. You will then be able to select a 64×64 lot size and place it on an empty plot. There are no special requirements for placing a 64×64 lot in Sims 4.

However, keep in mind that these lots can only accommodate up to 8 households. If you try to place more than 8 households on a 64×64 lot, they will be placed on adjacent 32×32 lots instead.

How Do I Make a Custom 64X64 Lot in Sims 4

In order to make a custom 64×64 lot in Sims 4, you will need to first create a new blank lot by clicking on the “Create New Lot” button in the world editor. Once you have done this, you will need to select the “64×64” option from the “Size” drop-down menu. Finally, you will need to give your new lot a name and click on the “Create” button.

How to Get a 64X64 Lot in Sims 4



Sims 4 offers a variety of lot sizes for players to choose from, but the 64×64 lot size is the largest and most expensive option. If you’re looking to build a sprawling mansion or create an expansive park, this is the size for you. Here’s how to get a 64×64 lot in Sims 4:

1. Open up the world map and zoom in on the area you want to live in. 2. Find an empty lot that’s at least 64×64 in size. 3. Click on the “Purchase” button and confirm your purchase.

4. Move your Sim into their new home and start building!

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