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How to Get a Guide Voodoo Doll

A voodoo doll is a small, hand-held effigy that is used to represent a person in order to control them through magical means. Voodoo dolls are usually made from cloth or other materials that can be easily molded, such as wax. The doll is then given the name of the person it is meant to represent and is often adorned with items that belong to that person, such as their hair or clothing.

In order to get a guide voodoo doll, you will need to find someone who is willing to sell you one. There are many ways to do this, but the easiest is probably to look online. There are numerous websites that sell voodoo dolls, both authentic and fake ones.

You can also try your local occult shop, though they may not have any for sale. Once you have found a seller, simply purchase the doll and give them the name of the person you wish to control.

  • Go to a voodoo shop and purchase a guide voodoo doll
  • Alternatively, you can make your own guide voodoo doll by following these instructions: – Find a small piece of wood in the shape of a human figure
  • – Carve or paint features onto the wood to represent your desired appearance for the doll
  • – Dress the doll in clothing that represents what you want the guide to look like
  • Place the doll in front of you and focus on your intention for why you want a guide voodoo doll
  • For example, if you want guidance on starting your own business, visualize yourself succeeding in this venture while holding or looking at the doll
  • Repeat a mantra or affirmation related to your intention while holding or looking at the doll
  • For example, if your intention is to start your own business, you might say something like, “I am confident and successful in my new business
  • Once you feel ready, bury the doll in soil so that it is hidden from view

How to get a voodoo doll in fastest way

What is a Guide Voodoo Doll

A voodoo doll is a physical embodiment of a spirit, used to interact with the spiritual realm. The most common use of voodoo dolls is for protection or healing, but they can also be used for hexing or cursing an enemy. Voodoo dolls are usually made from cloth or other materials that can be easily shaped into human form.

The doll is then filled with herbs, roots, and other ingredients that have specific magical properties. For example, if you want to curse someone with bad luck, you might stuff the doll with graveyard dirt and snake venom. Once the doll is complete, it needs to be consecrated – this means charging it with energy from the spirits.

This can be done by burying it in a graveyard overnight, or by dripping holy water onto it while saying prayers or incantations. Once the doll is charged and ready to use, it can be placed inside a mojo bag or kept on your altar as a reminder of your intention. To work its magic, all you need to do is focus your thoughts and energy on what you want the voodoo doll to achieve.

How Do You Make a Guide Voodoo Doll

A voodoo doll is a popular tool in hoodoo and voodoo practices. It is a small effigy that is used to represent a person, usually for the purpose of casting spells or performing other magical rites. The doll is often made out of cloth or wax, and may be filled with herbs, nails, pins, needles, or other items that are associated with the intended spellwork.

To make a guide voodoo doll, you will need: -A piece of cloth or wax (enough to fashion into a small human figure) -Herbs, nails, pins, needles, or other items associated with your spellwork (optional)

-Thread or string -Scissors -A pen or marker (optional)

Instructions: 1. If using a piece of cloth, cut it into the shape of a small human figure. If using wax, mold it into the desired shape.

2. Optionally stuff the doll with herbs, nails, pins, needles, or other items that are related to your spellwork. 3. Sew the sides of the doll closed if using cloth; if using wax simply press the edges together until sealed. 4. Tie thread or string around the neck of the doll in order to create a head and arms; this will also act as a way to hang the doll if desired.

5a. If you know who the target of your spellwork is going to be*, use a pen or marker to write their name on the Doll’s forehead** before proceeding to step 6 below; otherwise go ahead to step 6 without doing this step 5a . 5b*.

Hang your Voodoo Doll by its neck from someplace where it won’t be disturbed*** . *You can also use generic names such as “My Enemy” etc., **or wherever else you feel appropriate on/in/around the Doll , ***It’s traditional to place dolls outdoors on tree branches but you can put yours anyplace that suits you – just remember not to forget about it & leave it there too long!

What are the Benefits of Having a Guide Voodoo Doll

Voodoo dolls have been used for centuries as a means of providing protection and good luck. Today, they are still used for these purposes, as well as for healing and Hexes breaking. Voodoo dolls can be made from a variety of materials, but the most popular type is made from cloth.

The benefits of having a guide voodoo doll are many. For one, they can help to keep negative energy away from you and your home. They can also help to promote positive energy and bring good luck into your life.

Additionally, voodoo dolls can be used for healing purposes – either for yourself or others. And finally, if you know how to use them correctly, voodoo dolls can be used to break hexes or curses that have been placed upon you.

How to Get a Guide Voodoo Doll



In voodoo, a guide is a person who helps you through the process of making a voodoo doll. The guide will usually have their own personal voodoo doll that they use for guidance and protection. To get a guide voodoo doll, you can either purchase one from a store or make your own.

Making your own guide voodoo doll is not as difficult as it may seem. All you need is some basic supplies and a little bit of creativity. The first step in making your own guide voodoo doll is to choose the right materials.

You will need something to stuff the doll with, like cotton or wool. You will also need fabric for the body of the doll, and thread to sew it together. For the face of the doll, you can use anything from felt to buttons.

Once you have all of your materials gathered, you are ready to start creating your Guide Voodoo Doll. The next step is to create the body of the doll. Start by sewing two pieces of fabric together to form a tube.

Then stuff this tube with your chosen filling material until it is full but still able to be sewn shut. Once you have stuffed the body of the doll, sew it closed and set it aside. Now it’s time to create the face of your Guide Voodoo Doll.

This can be done in any number of ways, depending on what materials you have available and how creative you want to be. One simple way to create a face is by using buttons for eyes and felt for a mouth. Another option is to embroider features onto the fabric using thread or yarn .

Be sure to give your Guide Voodoo Doll personality by giving them unique features that reflect their role in helping you on your spiritual journey . Once you have created the body and face of your Guide Voodoo Doll , it’s time to add some finishing touches . If desired , clothes can be added to further personalize your dolls appearance . You may also want adornments such as beads , feathers , or shells . These items can be sewn onto the dolls clothing or simply placed around them . Finally , every good voodoo practitioner knows that no spell or ritual is complete without offering ssomething up tto te spirits . This could be anything from food or drink offerings , tobURNED INCENSE OR CANDLES .

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