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How to Get Jungle Spores in Terraria

To get Jungle Spores in Terraria, you will need to find a Corruption or Crimson biome. These biomes are typically found near the edge of the world. Once you have found one of these biomes, look for a large tree with dark leaves.

When you find this tree, use your pickaxe to mine it until you get Jungle Spores.

Terraria How To Get Jungle Spores (2022)

  • Go to the jungle biome
  • Look for glowing mushrooms on trees
  • Cut them down with a sword or axe
  • Collect the spores that fall out
How to Get Jungle Spores in Terraria


What are Jungle Spores And Where Can I Find Them

Jungle spores are a type of fungi that can be found in tropical rainforests. These spores play an important role in the decomposition of organic matter, and help to recycle nutrients back into the soil. Jungle spores are typically small and black in color, and can often be found on fallen leaves or rotting wood.

They Can Also Be Grown from Seed by Planting Them in Mud Blocks

To grow lotus from seed, first soak the seeds in water for 24 hours. Then, plant the seeds in mud blocks and place them in a sunny spot. Keep the soil moist and fertilize monthly.

The lotus will bloom in about 6-8 weeks.


In Terraria, one of the early game items you may want to craft is the jungle spores. They are used in a handful of recipes, most notably the grass seeds and vine ropes. Here’s how to get them:

To start, you’ll need to find a large jungle biome. These biomes are typically located near the edge of the world. Once you’ve found one, look for big trees with vines hanging down from them.

Cut these vines with your sword or axe and they will drop jungle spores. You can also find jungle spores by destroying purple mushroom fields. These are found in any biome, but are most common in jungles and muds flats.

Use your hammer to destroy the mushrooms and they will drop spores (along with other crafting materials).

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