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How to Get More Warframe Slots

There are currently only two ways to get more Warframe slots. The first is to purchase a slot from the in-game Market for 20 Platinum. The second way is to build one using resources from your foundry.

Both of these methods will take up space in your inventory, so make sure you have enough room before moving forward. If you’re looking for a third option, there isn’t one at the moment.

Warframe Best Plat Farm Early Game

  • Purchase a Warframe slot from the Market for ‘Platinum’, the in-game currency
  • Equip the newly acquired Warframe in the ‘Warframes’ tab of your Arsenal
  • Press ‘O’ to open up the World State Window and navigate to the ‘Syndicates’ tab
  • Hover over each Syndicate and read their descriptions to learn what they offer
  • Decide which Syndicate you would like to join and press ‘Donate Standing’ next to their icon
  • Complete missions or objectives offered by your chosen Syndicate until you have earned enough reputation (indicated by a progress bar) to rank up within that organization
How to Get More Warframe Slots


How Do I Get More Warframe Slots

There are a few things you can do to get more Warframe slots: 1. Purchase them with Platinum. You can buy additional Warframe slots for ‘real-world’ money through the in-game store.

Each additional slot will cost you 20 Platinum. 2. Get them as a reward from completing certain in-game tasks or objectives. From time to time, you may be rewarded with an extra Warframe slot for completing certain tasks or reaching specific milestones within the game.

These rewards are typically given out as part of larger events or updates. 3. Wait for them to be given out for free. Occasionally, Digital Extremes (the developers of Warframe) will give out free bonus Warframe slots to all players as part of a special promotion or event.

Keep an eye on the official website and social media channels for announcements regarding these kinds of giveaways.


There are a number of ways to get more Warframe slots. One is to purchase the additional slots from the in-game market. Another is to obtain them through trading with other players.

Finally, they can also be earned by completing certain in-game tasks.

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