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How to Get Nails in Skyrim

There are a few ways to get nails in Skyrim. The first way is to buy them from a blacksmith. Nails can also be found lying around in dungeons or abandoned houses.

If you’re lucky, you may find a nail in a chest or barrel. Finally, you can mine nails from iron deposits.

Skryim – 4 – Here's Some Nails

  • Go to a city or town and look for someone who offers nail services
  • Talk to the person and inquire about prices and services
  • Choose the type of nails you want and pay the required amount
  • Sit down in the chair and let the person do their work
  • Enjoy your new nails!
How to Get Nails in Skyrim


How Do I Get Nails in Skyrim

There are a few ways to get nails in Skyrim. One way is to find them lying around in the world. Nails can be found in many places, including blacksmiths, Dwemer ruins, and bandit camps.

Another way to get nails is to mine them from iron ore veins. Finally, you can buy nails from most general goods merchants.

Where Can I Find Nails in Skyrim

There are a few ways to find nails in Skyrim: 1) Check smithies and general goods stores. You can usually find a small stock of nails at these locations.

2) Mine iron ore veins. Each vein has a chance of yielding one or two nails when mined. 3) deconstructing unused weapons and armor.

When you break down an item, you’ll receive some of the materials used to make it, including nails.

What are the Best Ways to Get Nails in Skyrim

There are a few ways to get nails in Skyrim: 1) You can find them scattered around in the world. Just keep your eyes peeled for them while you’re exploring and looting.

2) You can also buy them from certain merchants. Be sure to check out the blacksmiths in each town as they usually sell nails. 3) If you have the Hearthfire DLC, you can craft them yourself at a forge using iron ingots.


Skyrim is a popular game for many gamers. In this post, we will show you how to get nails in Skyrim. This can be done by looting enemies, buying them from merchants, or finding them in the world.

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