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How to Get Super God Fist Xenoverse 2

Super God Fist is a powerful attack in Xenoverse 2 that can be performed by various characters. In order to perform the move, the user must have a high level of ki and be able to focus it into their fist. This attack is usually used as a last resort or when the user is in danger, as it can often result in self-injury if not performed correctly.

There are two main ways to get Super God Fist in Xenoverse 2: either through training with Master Roshi or by purchasing the skill from the Skill Shop.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: How to Get Super God Fist! – By, Evilerspartan

  • In order to get the Super God Fist, you must first have all seven Dragon Balls in your inventory
  • Once you have all seven Dragon Balls, go to the Central Plains Area and find the Giant Namekian Frog
  • Give the Frog the Dragon Balls and he will grant you one wish
  • Wish for the Super God Fist and it shall be yours!
How to Get Super God Fist Xenoverse 2


How Do I Get Super God Fist in Xenoverse 2

Super God Fist is a powerful attack that can be performed in Xenoverse 2. In order to perform this attack, the player must first have a full ki bar. Once the ki bar is full, the player can then press R2 + X (PS4) / RB + A (Xbox One).

This will cause the character to charge up and release a powerful punch that can deal massive damage.

What are the Requirements for Obtaining Super God Fist

Super God Fist is a powerful attack that can be used in various video games. The requirements for obtaining this move vary depending on the game, but usually involve completing a certain task or reaching a certain level. In some cases, the player may need to collect specific items before being able to use the Super God Fist.

How Do I Use Super God Fist Once I Have It

Super God Fist is one of the most powerful moves in all of fighting games. Here’s how to use it once you have it! First, wait for your opponent to make a move.

This is important, because if they’re not attacking, then Super God Fist won’t do anything. Once they’ve attacked, however, counter with Super God Fist immediately. The window for countering is very small, so you’ll need to be quick.

If you connect with Super God Fist, your opponent will be staggered and open to a follow-up attack. This is your chance to unleash a barrage of attacks and finish them off! Just be sure not to get too reckless – if you miss your counter, you’ll be left wide open and vulnerable.


It’s time to get your hands on one of the most powerful weapons in Xenoverse 2 – the Super God Fist! This powerful fist will allow you to defeat even the strongest of opponents with ease. Here’s how you can get your hands on this weapon:

1. Defeat the optional boss Demigra in Secret Mission 12. This is required in order to progress the story and unlock Secret Mission 13, where you’ll obtain the Super God Fist. 2. Complete all 5 trials in Trial of Majin Vegeta.

This will grant you access to a new area called The Lookout, where you’ll be able to find and purchase the Super God Fist for 10 million Zeni. 3. Obtain 1 million Zeni through various means, such as completing quests or fighting enemies. Once you have enough, head to The Lookout and purchase the Super God Fist from Master Roshi.

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