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How to Get the Guide Voodoo Doll

In order to get the Guide Voodoo Doll, you will need to first obtain a human skull. This can be done by either purchasing one from a store that specializes in selling such items, or by looting one from a dead body. Once you have the skull, take it to an area where there is a fresh water source.

Fill the skull with fresh water and then bury it in the ground near the water source.

  • Find a voodoo doll
  • You can purchase one online or at a local store that specializes in them
  • Research the meaning of voodoo dolls
  • There is a lot of history and cultural significance behind these objects, so it’s important to understand what they represent before you use one
  • Choose your intention for the voodoo doll
  • What do you hope to achieve by using it? This will help guide your actions with the doll
  • Decorate the voodoo doll to represent your intention
  • This could involve adding symbols, colors, or other decorations that have personal meaning to you
  • Charge the voodoo doll with your energy by holding it close and focusing your thoughts on your desired outcome

Terraria: Voodoo Doll Guide

What is the Voodoo Doll

A voodoo doll is a type of effigy used in voodoo, which is a form of folk magic originating from Haiti. Voodoo dolls are often used to represent certain people, and are believed to have the power to control that person. The use of voodoo dolls for malicious purposes is known as “voodoo death”, and has been documented in many cases throughout history.

Voodoo dolls can be made from a variety of materials, but the most popular material is cloth. Cloth voodoo dolls are typically stuffed with cotton or other materials, and then adorned with beads, feathers, or other objects that have personal significance to the person being represented. Voodoo dolls can also be made from wood, wax, or even human hair.

The practice of using voodoo dolls to harm others is frowned upon by most followers of the religion, as it goes against the tenets of voodoo which emphasize peace and compassion. However, there are some who believe that using a voodoo doll for evil purposes is acceptable if it is done in retribution for wrongs that have been inflicted upon them.

How Do I Get the Voodoo Doll

In order to get the Voodoo Doll, you need to complete the questline that starts with talking to Tia Dalma in Swamp Haven. Once you have finished the questline and have the doll, you can take it to any voodoo practitioner to have it created.

How to Get the Guide Voodoo Doll



In the world of online games, there are many ways to get ahead. One such way is by using a guide voodoo doll. This item can be used to help you get past tough opponents and bosses in the game.

Here’s how to get your hands on one of these coveted items.

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