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How to Get Xp Potion Spiritfarer

As you journey through the world of Spiritfarer, you’ll eventually come across a substance called Xp Potion. This can be used to level up your character and make them stronger. Here’s how to get Xp Potion in Spiritfarer.

  • Obtain a Spirit Flower by cutting down a White Willow tree with your astral knife
  • They can also be found on the ground in various locations around the world
  • Place the Spirit Flower in one of Stella’s flower beds and water it with rainwater from her watering can
  • Wait for the Spirit Flower to bloom, then harvest it with your astral knife
  • Give the harvested Spirit Flower to any spirit who is requesting one in exchange for an XP Potion Spiritfarer recipe scroll

How to Get XP Potion In Spiritfarer | Spiritfarer Guide

-How Do I Get an Xp Potion in Spiritfarer

In order to get an XP potion in Spiritfarer, you will need to find and collect a specific type of flower called the “Butterfly Bellflower”. These flowers can be found growing in certain areas on the map, and once you have collected one, you can then take it to your workshop and use it to create the potion.

How to Get Xp Potion Spiritfarer



In the game Spiritfarer, there are many ways to get XP Potion. One way is to go to the Dorothy’s Shop and buy it from there. Another way is to find it in treasure chests or by destroying certain objects in the world.

You can also get it as a reward for completing certain quests. Finally, you can also craft it yourself using a variety of materials.

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