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How to Heal Mr Handy

In Fallout 4, the Mr Handy robot can be a great help to you during your adventure. However, if he becomes damaged, you’ll need to know how to heal him. Here’s a quick guide on how to do just that.

With his built-in saw and welding torch, the Mr Handy robot can be a big help in combat and construction tasks around the Commonwealth. But like any machine, he is susceptible to damage. If Mr Handy sustains too much damage, he will go into critical mode and shut down.

  • Find Mr Handy’s remains
  • This can be done by exploring the wasteland, or by purchasing a “Mr Handy’s corpse” from a robot vendor
  • Take Mr Handy’s remains to the Robotics Disposal Ground in the Commonwealth
  • Activate the disposal ground’s console, and select the “Heal” option
  • Wait for Mr Handy to be healed (this may take a few minutes)
  • Once he is healed, he will return to your settlement automatically

how to repair mr handy in fallout shelter/jak naprawić pana rączkę w Fallout Shelter

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How to Heal Mr Handy



In the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor, Mr. Handy can be found in a crashed ship called The Mariner. He is severely damaged and needs to be repaired before he can be of any use. This guide will show you how to heal Mr Handy in Fallout 4.

First, you need to find some parts for Mr Handy. There are three parts that you need to find: a fusion core, an optical cable, and an electric motor. The fusion core can be found in the town of Far Harbor, while the other two parts can be found in the area around the crashed ship.

Once you have all three parts, head back to the ship and give them to Mr Handy. Next, you need to activate Mr Handy’s self-repair function. To do this, open his control panel and press the button labeled “Self-Repair”.

Mr Handy will then begin repairing himself, but it will take some time for him to finish. Once he is done repairing himself, he will be fully operational again and will be able to help you out as usual.

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