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How to Join a Tribe in My Singing Monsters

It’s no secret that social media has changed the way we interact with each other and connect with like-minded people. Joining a tribe is a great way to find friends who share your interests, and My Singing Monsters is no exception! Here’s how to join a tribe in My Singing Monsters:

First, you’ll need to create an account on the My Singing Monsters website. Once you’ve done that, log in and click on the “Community” tab at the top of the page. This will take you to the forums, where you can browse through existing tribes or start your own.

When you find a tribe that looks like a good fit, click on the “Join Tribe” button and fill out the form. Be sure to read the tribe’s description carefully so you know what you’re getting into! Once you’ve been accepted into the tribe, introduce yourself in the forums and start participating in conversations.

My Singing Monsters is more fun with friends, so don’t be shy – get out there and start meeting new people!

  • Log in to My Singing Monsters and click on the “Tribe” tab
  • Click on the “Join a Tribe” button
  • Select a tribe from the list of available tribes
  • Click on the “Request to Join” button next to the selected tribe
  • The leader of the tribe will then receive a notification about your request and can either accept or reject it

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Q: How Do I Join a Tribe in My Singing Monsters

To join a tribe in My Singing Monsters, simply go to the Tribe tab and select the tribe you wish to join. You will be prompted to enter a code which is provided by the tribe leader. Once you have entered the code, you will be automatically added to the tribe!

You Will Then Be Able to Choose from a List of Available Tribes

There are many different tribes that you can choose from when you first start playing The Tribez. Each tribe has its own unique perks and benefits, so it’s important to choose the one that’s right for you. Here is a brief overview of each tribe:

The Amazons: The Amazons are a strong and powerful tribe that values family and loyalty above all else. They have a rich history and culture, and their capital city is full of beautiful temples and statues.

Amazon warriors are some of the best in the game, and they will fiercely protect your village if you come under attack. The Barbarians: The Barbarians are a wild and untamed tribe who live in the mountains.

They’re known for being fierce fighters, and they love nothing more than a good brawl. If you join forces with the Barbarians, you’ll have access to their powerful military units. Just be prepared for them to cause havoc in your village from time to time!

The Druids: The Druids are a mystical tribe who live in harmony with nature. They have strong ties to the magical world, and their shamans are some of the most powerful healers in the game.

If you join forces with the Druids, you’ll be able to call upon their powers to help keep your villagers healthy and happy. Just be warned – angering a Druid can result in some very bad luck!

Q: What are the Benefits of Joining a Tribe

A: There are many benefits of joining a tribe. Tribes offer a sense of community and belonging. They provide support and guidance, and can help you to connect with other like-minded people.

Tribes can also offer opportunities for personal growth and development, and can help you to expand your knowledge and skills.

Q: What Happens If I Leave a Tribe

There are a few things that could happen if you leave your tribe. If you have been a part of the tribe for awhile and have close friends there, they may be upset with you for leaving. You may also lose access to resources that the tribe provides, such as food and shelter.

Additionally, leaving a tribe can be dangerous as you will no longer have the protection of the group. There is safety in numbers, so leaving your tribe makes you more vulnerable to predators and other threats.

How to Join a Tribe in My Singing Monsters



In order to join a tribe in My Singing Monsters, you must first have a level three or higher monster. Once you have a level three or higher monster, you can tap on the “join tribe” button that is located on the main screen. After tapping on the “join tribe” button, you will be prompted to select a tribe that you would like to join.

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