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How to Kill Super Turkey Ark

Super Turkey Ark is a powerful creature that roams the land, destroying everything in its path. It is said that only the strongest of warriors can hope to defeat this beast. If you’re up for the challenge, here’s how to kill Super Turkey Ark.

  • First, find a super turkey
  • These turkeys are typically larger than regular turkeys and have special powers
  • Next, prepare your weapons
  • You will need something strong enough to penetrate the turkey’s tough skin
  • A bow and arrow or a gun should do the trick
  • When you’re ready, approach the turkey from behind and take aim
  • Be sure to shoot for the head or heart, as these are the most vulnerable spots on the animal
  • Finally, watch as the turkey falls to the ground dead
  • Congratulations, you have successfully killed a super turkey!

How to easily kill the super Turkey 2022 – Turkey Trials ARK

1) How Do I Kill a Super Turkey in Ark

The easiest way to kill a super turkey in Ark is to find a high ground and shoot it with a powerful weapon. If you don’t have a powerful weapon, you can use traps or explosives to kill it.

How to Kill Super Turkey Ark



The blog post starts by talking about how super turkeys are becoming a problem in the Ark. It then goes on to give tips on how to kill them. The first tip is to use a shotgun.

The second tip is to use a crossbow. The third tip is to use explosives.

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