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How to Make Bioshock Full Screen

To make Bioshock full screen, open the game’s display settings and set the resolution to your monitor’s native resolution. Then, in the game’s graphics settings, set the Display Mode to Fullscreen. This will make Bioshock fill your entire monitor, giving you a better experience while playing.

  • Start the game Bioshock
  • From the main menu, select the option to change the game’s settings
  • Find the option for display mode and set it to full screen
  • Save your changes and exit the settings menu
  • The game should now be in full screen mode when you start it up again

Bioshock remastered – Full Screen options

How Do I Make Bioshock Full Screen

There are a few different ways that you can make Bioshock full screen. The first way is to go into the game’s settings and change the display mode to full screen. To do this, open up the game’s main menu and navigate to the “Options” tab.

Underneath the “Graphics” option, you will see a drop-down menu labeled “Display Mode.” Select “Full Screen” from this menu and then click on the “Apply” button. The game should now be running in full screen mode.

If changing the display mode doesn’t work, or if you want to try another method, you can also try changing your computer’s resolution. To do this, open up the Control Panel on your PC and navigate to the “Appearance and Personalization” section. Click on the “Adjust Screen Resolution” option found here.

In the new window that appears, find where it says “Resolution.” Use the drop-down menu next to it to select a higher resolution than what your monitor is currently set at; something like 1920×1080 should work well. Once you’ve selected a higher resolution, click on the “Apply” button and then reboot your PC.

When it comes back on, Bioshock should now be running in full screen mode at your new resolution. If neither of these methods works for you, there is one last thing you can try: downloading and installing a third-party tool called DXWnd. This program allows you to force any Direct X game (like Bioshock) to run in a windowed mode, which can then be resized however you like – including making it fill up your entire screen.

You can download DXWnd for free from its official website (linked below). Once it’s been installed on your computer, launch it and click on the “+” icon located near the top of its window; this will let you add Bioshock as one of its supported games. After adding Bioshock, make sure that its checkbox is ticked/enabled and then click on OK > Exit DXWnd so that changes can take effect.

Now when you launch Bioshock, it should automatically start up in a borderless window that takes up your entire screen – just like if it was running in true fullscreen mode!

Then, Choose the “Fullscreen” Setting

The game will now be played in full-screen mode. Assuming you would like a blog post discussing how to play a game in full screen mode: Most games have the option to be played in full screen or windowed mode.

Full screen means that the game will take up your entire computer screen. Many people prefer to play games in full screen because it gives the game their undivided attention. Playing a game in windowed mode means that the game will appear in a smaller window on your computer screen and other programs can be open at the same time.

To play a game in full screen, start by opening the game on your computer. Once the game is open, look for an option called “fullscreen” or “display” and click on it. The game should now fill up your entire computer screen.

If you want to exit out of fullscreen mode, simply press the ESC key on your keyboard.

How to Make Bioshock Full Screen



The popular video game Bioshock can be played in full screen mode by following a few simple steps. First, open the game’s settings menu and locate the “Display” option. Second, change the setting for “Windowed Mode” to “Fullscreen.”

Finally, restart the game and enjoy playing in full screen mode!

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