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How to Quick Trash in Terraria

In Terraria, the process for quickly trashing your inventory is simple and straightforward. To do so, simply open your inventory screen and press the “Q” key. This will bring up a menu of all the items in your inventory that can be discarded.

Simply select the item you wish to trash and press the “Q” key again.

  • In Terraria, open your inventory and select the item you want to Quick Trash
  • To Quick Trash an item, press the “Q” key while the item is selected in your inventory
  • The item will be removed from your inventory and placed in a nearby trashcan

Terraria how to quick trash

Q: How Do You Quick Trash in Terraria

Assuming you are on PC, the quickest way to trash items is to use a Trash Can. Right-click on the item you want to get rid of and select “Move To Trash Can.” The item will be destroyed and cannot be recovered.

How to Quick Trash in Terraria



In Terraria, “quick trash” is a way to quickly get rid of unwanted or useless items. To do this, simply throw the item(s) into lava or water. The item will be destroyed and you’ll earn some quick money.

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