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How to Recharge Seaglide

Dive into the blue with a Seaglide! This personal watercraft will have you zipping across the waves in no time. But before you can enjoy all the fun, you need to know how to recharge your Seaglide.

How To Recharge Seaglide | Subnautica

  • Turn on the Seaglide by pressing the power button
  • Attach the charging cable to the charging port on the Seaglide
  • Plug the other end of the charging cable into a power outlet or USB port
  • The Seaglide will begin charging automatically and an LED indicator will turn on to indicate that it is charging
  • When the battery is fully charged, the LED indicator will turn off and the Seaglide can be unplugged and used normally again
How to Recharge Seaglide


What is Seaglide

Seaglide is a type of personal watercraft that utilizes hydrofoils to glide across the water’s surface. It is an environmentally friendly and efficient mode of transportation, as it does not produce any emissions and requires no fuel. Seaglides are powered by electric motors, which make them very quiet when in operation.

This makes them ideal for use in areas where noise pollution is a concern, such as near beaches or residences.

How Does Seaglide Work

Seaglide is a wind-powered watercraft that uses an inflatable wing to generate lift. The craft is propelled by a kite-like sail that catches the wind, providing thrust. Seaglide can reach speeds of up to 15 knots (17 mph).

The Seaglide was invented by Jason deCaires Taylor, a British artist and sculptor who specializes in creating underwater sculptures. The first prototype was built in 2008. Since then, several different versions of the Seaglide have been developed, including a human-powered version and a solar-powered version.

How does it work? The Seaglide works by using an inflatable wing to create lift. The wing is attached to a kite-like sail that catches the wind, providing thrust.

The craft is also equipped with two foils that help stabilize it in the water. When the wing is inflated, it forms a sort of airfoil shape that generates lift when moved through the water. This lift allows the Seaglide to “fly” just above the surface of the water, reaching speeds of up to 15 knots (17 mph).

What are its advantages? One of the main advantages of the Seaglide is that it doesn’t require any fossil fuels to operate. It’s completely powered by renewable energy sources like wind and sun power.

Additionally, because it doesn’t produce any emissions, it’s considered an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

How Do I Recharge Seaglide

If your Seaglide is running low on power, you can recharge it by connecting it to a power source using the included charging cable. To do so: 1. Remove the battery cap from the bottom of the Seaglide.

2. Insert the charging cable into the port on the side of the battery compartment, making sure that the cable is fully inserted. 3. Plug the other end of the charging cable into a power source (e.g., a USB port on your computer or a wall outlet). 4. The LED indicator on the side of the Seaglide will turn red, indicating that it is charging.

5. Once charged, the LED indicator will turn green and you can unplug the charging cable from both devices.


The Seaglide is a small, hand-held device that allows users to glide across the water’s surface with little effort. It is powered by two AA batteries and can be used for up to 30 minutes at a time. The Seaglide is perfect for those who want to enjoy the water without having to swim or paddle.

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