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How to Record in Vrchat

In VRChat, you can record your own gameplay footage by using the built-in recording feature. To do this, you’ll need to have a compatible headset and be in a game that supports recording. Once you’ve set up your recording device, you can start recording your gameplay by pressing the record button in VRChat.

When you’re done recording, you can export your footage as a video file so that you can share it with others or upload it to YouTube.

  • To record in VRChat, you will need to download and install a recording program such as OBS Studio
  • Once you have installed the recording program, launch VRChat and select the world you wish to record
  • In the recording program, create a new scene and add the VRChat window as a source
  • Begin recording your footage by clicking the “Record” button in the recording program
  • To stop recording, click the “Stop” button in the recording program

How to Record VRChat! (CAMERA VIEW)

What is the Best Way to Record in Vrchat

There is no one definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on personal preference. Some people prefer to use a VR headset and controller for a more immersive experience, while others find it easier to use a keyboard and mouse. Ultimately, whatever setup you are most comfortable with is likely to be the best way for you to record in VRChat.

How to Record in Vrchat



Virtual reality is a great way to connect with friends and family who live far away. You can explore new worlds together, play games, and even just hang out in virtual spaces. But what if you want to record your VR experiences?

There are a few different ways to record in VRChat, depending on what system you’re using. For Oculus Rift users, there’s the built-in Oculus Share feature. For HTC Vive users, you can use the SteamVR Recorder tool.

And for everyone else, there’s always OBS Studio. Oculus Share is the easiest way to record VRChat on an Oculus Rift. Just open up the share menu while in VRChat (by pressing the share button on your controller), and select “Start Recording.”

Your video will be saved to your Oculus account automatically. To record VRChat on an HTC Vive, you’ll need to download and install the SteamVR Recorder tool from GitHub. Once it’s installed, just launch it and hit “record.”

Your video will be saved as a .mp4 file in your Steam directory. If you’re not using an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, you can still record VRChat footage using OBS Studio. Just make sure that you select the correct audio and video sources before starting your recording.

Otherwise, you won’t capture anything!

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