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How to Reverse Wagon Rdr2

When you’re driving the Wagon R in Red Dead Redemption 2, sometimes you may want to reverse it. Here’s how to do it: 1. To begin, press and hold the A button on Xbox One or X button on PlayStation 4 to bring up the interaction menu.

2. Navigate to the “Vehicles” option and select it with a tap of the A/X button. 3. Next, scroll down to the very bottom of this menu until you see the “Reverse” option highlighted in white. Press A/X once more to select it.

4. Finally, simply press and hold the left joystick in any direction (backwards) to start reversing your wagon!

Red Dead Redemption 2 Reverse Wagon

  • Approach the wagon from the front or rear
  • Use the L2/LT button to target the hitch
  • Press the Square/X button to detach the hitch
  • Walk around to the other side of the wagon and press the Square/X button again to reverse it
How to Reverse Wagon Rdr2


How Do I Reverse My Wagon in Rdr2

In Red Dead Redemption 2, there are a few different ways that you can reverse your wagon. The first way is to simply use the left stick on your controller and push it in the opposite direction that you want to go. However, this method can be a little tricky and may take some practice.

The second way to reverse your wagon is by using the L2 button (or the left trigger) and the R2 button (or the right trigger) at the same time. This method is a little easier than using the left stick, but it still may take some practice. The third way to reverse your wagon is by pressing down on the D-Pad in the direction that you want to go.

This method is extremely easy and should be used if you’re having trouble with either of the other methods.

How Do I Change the Direction My Wagon is Facing in Rdr2

If you want to change the direction your wagon is facing in RDR2, you first need to stop the wagon. Once the wagon is stopped, press and hold the left bumper/trigger to enter “look around” mode. While in this mode, use the left analog stick to rotate the camera and change the direction your wagon is facing.

Why Can’T I Turn My Wagon around in Rdr2

One of the most common questions we see here at Rockstar Support is “Why can’t I turn my wagon around in RDR2?”. The short answer is that you need to find a space that is big enough to make the turnaround. However, we understand that some players may not be aware of this and can get stuck trying to figure out how to turn their wagon around.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to turn your wagon around: 1) Find a large open space. The size of the space will depend on the type of vehicle you’re using.

For example, a stagecoach will need more room than a horse and buggy. 2) Once you’ve found an appropriate spot, stop your vehicle and dismount from your horse (or whatever animal you’re using). 3) Walk to the back of the vehicle and press and hold the “A” button/key (on Xbox One/PC) or the “X” button/key (on PlayStation 4).

This will bring up the vehicle controls menu. 4) Use the left stick/analog stick to navigate to the “Turn Around” option, then press the “A” button/key (on Xbox One/PC) or the “X” button/key (on PlayStation 4) again to select it. Your character will now start turning the wheel, which will cause the vehicle to turn around.


In Red Dead Redemption 2, the Wagon is a vehicle that can be used to transport goods and materials around the map. However, if you want to reverse the Wagon, you’ll need to do so by using a specific set of controls. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to properly reverse the Wagon in RDR2.

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