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How to Riposte Witcher 2

Riposting in Witcher 2 is a simple but effective way to take down enemies. When an enemy attacks, you can press the riposte button to parry their attack and then counter with your own. This technique is especially useful against larger foes like ogres and trolls.

The Witcher 2 EE Tutorial Parrying, Dodging, Ripostes, Vigor, Quen Sign, HD Gameplay Xbox 360

  • Assuming you would like instructions on how to perform the Witcher 2 move, Riposte: 1
  • To start, get into a ready stance by holding down the left mouse button
  • When your opponent attacks, release the left mouse button and quickly press the right mouse button
  • If done correctly, Geralt will automatically parry the attack and then follow up with a quick counterattack
How to Riposte Witcher 2


Q: How Do I Riposte in Witcher 2

In Witcher 2, to riposte you need to first parry an attack. To do this, just time your block so that it hits just before the enemy’s weapon would hit you. If done correctly, you will see a small blue flash and hear a metallic sound.

This means you have parried successfully. Once you have parried, immediately press the riposte button (the same button you use to perform regular attacks). If done correctly, Geralt will automatically dodge any following attacks and then quickly counter with his own attack.

Depending on your timing, this can be a very powerful move since it essentially allows you to negate an entire enemy combo and dish out some major damage in return.

Timing is Key – If You Counter Too Early Or Too Late, You’Ll Miss the Opportunity to Riposte

In fencing, timing is everything. If you counter too early or too late, you’ll miss the opportunity to riposte. A well-timed counter can be the difference between winning and losing a bout.

There are three things to keep in mind when countering: distance, timing, and target. First, you need to be aware of the distance between you and your opponent. If they are too far away, your counter will not reach them.

Second, you need to time your counter so that it hits them just as they are attacking. This can be tricky because their attack may not be perfectly linear – they may start to lunge before they actually extend their weapon fully. Finally, you need to aim for a specific target – usually their weapon hand or arm.

If you hit them anywhere else, they will likely recover and continue their attack. counters can be very effective if used correctly, but they require split-second timing and precision targeting. Practice against a variety of opponents so that you can learn to anticipate their attacks and time your counters accordingly.

With enough practice, you’ll develop a feel for when the perfect moment to strike is.


If you’re looking for tips on how to beat the Witcher 2, look no further than this helpful blog post. The author outlines a few key strategies for success, including using your environment to your advantage and exploiting enemy weaknesses. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to taking down Geralt’s foes and becoming a master swordsman yourself!

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