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How to Teach Weavile Ice Punch

One of the most important moves that Weavile can learn is Ice Punch. Not only is it a great move for taking down pesky Grass-types, but it also provides perfect coverage against one of Weavile’s most common foes, Dragonite. While Ice Punch may seem like a difficult move to teach, with a little patience and the right approach, even the most novice of trainers can have their Weavile nailing Ice Punches in no time.

  • Start with Weavile knowing the move Ice Punch
  • If it does not know Ice Punch, you can teach it by using a TM or HM
  • Find an open area to train in, such as a field or park
  • Make sure the area is clean and free of debris that could hurt Weavile
  • Set up some targets for Weavile to practice Ice Punch on
  • This can be done by setting up cardboard boxes or bottles filled with water in different positions around the training area
  • Begin training by calling out to Weavile and having it use Ice Punch on one of the targets
  • Reward Weavile with praise and treats after each successful hit
  • Continue training until Weavile is consistently hitting its targets with Ice Punch

How to teach Weavile (Or Sneasel) Ice Punch in Platinum

Q: How Can I Teach My Weavile Ice Punch

One of Weavile’s most powerful moves is Ice Punch. To teach your Weavile this move, you’ll need to find a TM (Technical Machine) for it. The best place to look for a TM is at the Battle Tower in Mauville City – they have a wide selection of TMs available for purchase.

Once you have the TM, simply take it to any Pokémon Center and use it on your Weavile. Ice Punch is a great move for taking down Flying-type Pokémon, as well as Fire-types that may try to switch into Weavile expecting an easy win. It also has good coverage against most Grass-types, making it a versatile move to have in your repertoire.

How to Teach Weavile Ice Punch



In order to teach Weavile Ice Punch, the first thing you need to do is get a Weavile that knows the move. You can either catch one in the wild that already knows it, or use a TM to teach it. Once you have your Weavile, take it into battle and make sure that it is at least level 50.

From there, simply use Ice Punch in battle and Weavile will learn the move.

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