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How to Teleport in Space Engineers

There are many ways to travel in space, but the most fun and exciting way is to teleport! This guide will show you how to do just that in Space Engineers. First, you need to find a teleporter.

They can be found on planets or in space stations. Once you’ve found one, simply stand in the center of it and press the “teleport” button. You’ll then be taken to your destination instantaneously!

  • Find a stable surface to stand on within your spacecraft
  • Make sure that there is nothing obstructing your view of the space around you, as you will need a clear line of sight to teleport
  • Activate your suit’s thrusters and orient yourself so that you are facing the direction in which you wish to travel
  • Start charging your space engineer’s teleporter by holding down the ‘Teleport’ button (left mouse button by default)
  • You will see a blue energy field begin to form around your character as the charge builds up
  • Once the charge is full, release the ‘Teleport’ button and you will instantly be transported to the target location! If there is something in the way of your destination, you’ll be stopped short and take damage, so make sure there’s nothing between you and where you’re trying to go!

How To TELEPORT IN Space Enigneers

How Do I Teleport in Space Engineers

In Space Engineers, there are two ways to teleport – either by using the built-in Teleport Tool, or by setting up a Teleporter. The Teleport Tool is the easiest way to teleport, and can be used by simply selecting the object you want to teleport, and then clicking on the destination. The downside of this method is that it can only teleport objects within a certain range, and will not work if there is no line of sight between the two points.

To set up a Teleporter, you’ll need two things – a Teleporter Pad (which can be built using the Survival Kit) and a Radio Beacon. Once you’ve placed both of these down, they will automatically connect and you’ll be able to use the Teleporter Pad to instantly travel to any other connected Radio Beacon. The only downside to this method is that it requires power in order to function.

What are the Requirements for Teleportation in Space Engineers

There are no specific requirements for teleportation in Space Engineers. However, it is generally accepted that a vessel must be equipped with a teleport drive and a valid destination coordinates in order to successfully execute a teleport. It is also worth noting that some vessels may be too large to fit inside of a standard teleport drive, making it impossible to teleport them.

What are the Consequences of Teleportation in Space Engineers

Assuming you are referring to the consequences of teleporting in the game Space Engineers, there are a few. Firstly, when you teleport your character is briefly invincible, so if you’re being shot at or chased by something, you can use this to your advantage. Secondly, any blocks or items that you were carrying will be left behind at your old location, so make sure you don’t need them before teleporting.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, if there are any enemies close to you when you teleport they will be drawn towards your new location and could possibly end up attacking you when you reappear.

How to Teleport in Space Engineers



In the game Space Engineers, there are three ways to move around: flying, walking, and teleporting. Teleporting is the fastest way to travel, but it’s also the most dangerous. If you teleport into a space that is too small, you will die.

So how do you teleport safely in Space Engineers? There are two types of teleportation: personal and ship-wide. Personal teleportation is when you use your own individual warp drive to teleport yourself from one place to another.

Ship-wide teleportation is when you use your ship’s warp drive to teleport the entire ship to a new location. To personal teleport, press F8 to bring up the map, then click on the “Teleport” button in the top left corner. This will open up a menu where you can select your destination.

You can choose to teleport to another planet or station, or you can input coordinates for a specific location. Once you’ve selected your destination, press “Warp” and you’ll be instantly transported there. Ship-wide teleportation works similarly, but instead of pressing F8, you’ll need to go into your ship’s control panel (pressing P while inside your ship).

From there, navigate to the “Warp Drive” tab and select your destination in the same way as personal teleportation. However, before warping away, make sure everyone on board is ready – once you initiate Warp Drive, there’s no turning back!

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