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How to Turn off Clouds in Minecraft

If you’re tired of looking at the same old clouds in Minecraft, you can change them! With a little bit of effort, you can make your game look completely different. Whether you want to add some variety or just want to get rid of the default sky, here’s how to turn off clouds in Minecraft.

How to Remove Clouds in Minecraft! 1.18.2 Tutorial

  • In the world of Minecraft, clouds are generated by the game automatically
  • However, if you wish to turn off clouds, you can do so by opening the World Options menu
  • Here, you will see a checkbox next to the “Clouds” option
  • Simply uncheck this box and then hit “Done”
  • The changes will take effect immediately and you will no longer see any clouds in your game!
How to Turn off Clouds in Minecraft


How Do I Turn off Clouds in Minecraft

To turn off clouds in Minecraft, you will need to go into your world options and disable the clouds setting. This can be found under the ‘render distance’ section. Once you have turned off clouds, they will no longer appear in your game.

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In Minecraft, clouds are a cosmetic feature that can be turned off in the game’s settings. To turn off clouds, players need to access the game’s menu and navigate to the “Video Settings” option. In the “Video Settings” menu, there is an option to toggle clouds on or off.

When this option is set to “Off”, clouds will no longer appear in the game.

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