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How to Use Paver Astroneer

In Astroneer, you’ll need to use Pavers to create an optimal path for your vehicle. Here’s how to use them: Place the Paver down in front of your vehicle.

Use the left and right bumper buttons (LB/RB) to select the size of paver you want to place. Press “X” on Xbox One or “Square” on PS4 to deploy the Paver.

  • Establish a basecamp: This will be your homebase on the planet that you are exploring
  • You will need to set up a power source, a shelter, and some storage for your resources
  • Find a suitable paver: Look for a flat, level spot to place your paver
  • The ground should be firm and free of obstacles
  • Place the paver: Carefully lower the paver into place
  • Make sure that it is level and aligned with the direction you want to travel
  • Connect the power source: Plug in or connect your power source to the paver
  • This will provide energy to operate the device
  • Activate the paver (if needed): Some models of pavers may require you to press a button or flip a switch in order to activate them
  • Check your specific model’s instructions for more details
  • 5b) Set destination (if needed): If your model has this feature, use it to input where you would like to go within range of the paver’s signal strength

Astroneer Gameplay 🎮 – Crafting the Paver and Medium Canister – Astroneer Groundwork Update

Q: How Do I Use Paver Astroneer

Paver is a tool in Astroneer used to create roads. It can be found in the vehicle bay of the player’s starting shuttle, and is also available as a blueprint. To use Paver, equip it and aim at the ground where you want to place your road.

Pressing fire will deploy a short section of road, and holding fire will deploy a longer section. Roads can be any length, but must be connected at both ends to other roads or objects (such as platforms). Objects can be moved across deployed roads without issue.

When not in use, Paver will automatically retract into its housing on the player’s back.

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How to Use Paver Astroneer



In Astroneer, you can use different types of terrain to your advantage. One type of terrain is the paver. Pavers are essentially large, flat rocks that you can use to create paths or roads.

There are many benefits to using pavers, including: -They’re great for creating paths or roads through difficult or dangerous terrain. -Pavers can be used to make bridges over chasms or rivers.

-If you need to cross a lava field, pavers are an ideal way to do so without taking damage. To use a paver, simply select it from your inventory and place it where you want it. You can then use the mouse or WASD keys to move the paver around.

Once you’re happy with its placement, press the “Use” key (E on PC) and the paver will be placed down.

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